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Dislocation of carving machine

Time:2018-10-12 Click:1398

(1) if the machine tool line of the carving machine is broken, it will also happen.
(2) The reason for the spindle motor: if the stepper motor or servo motor, the whole machine does not move in one direction, with the hand screw can not move.
(3) Interface board, motherboard, transfer board reasons: if the interface board, motherboard, transfer board is broken, the machine in the process of work, a certain direction or three axes are not moving, resulting in fine carving dislocation.
(4) The reason of the machine itself: some parts of the machine tool have problems or loosening, surface impurities and other dislocation phenomenon, such as coupling loose, broken, will appear dislocation, rail, screw for a long time without cleaning and refueling will also appear dislocation phenomenon.
(5) Driver reasons: due to the structure of the driver itself or the original electronic device problems will also cause dislocation phenomenon, this reason more than zui;
If there are not many times, and the speed will be a little lower, sometimes can be normal fine carving this means that the drive has not completely broken, if the beginning of fine carving on the misalignment of the drive is completely broken, this can be repaired or replaced good drive.

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