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Products add color to Ningbo

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May 17th is the day of the Ningbo exhibition. As an influential regional exhibition in the industry, Ningbo exhibition attracted the participation of many well-known machine tool enterprises at home and abroad, Dekai CNC is one of them. The exhibition was held in Ningbo, as a local enterprise Dekai CNC quite a host momentum, not only equipped with professional exhibitors, but also brought a number of very rich company characteristics of representative products, for Ningbo exhibition colorful.
Reporters arrived, Dekai CNC booth has gathered a lot of exhibitors to visit, the company's staff is introducing the exhibits to them. Reporters learned that the exhibition F870 adopted the "thin-walled double frame fuselage structure". Reporters found that compared with the general carving and milling machine, F870 structure is more compact and stable, Deckay CNC in the field of carving and milling machine immersion for many years of technology precipitation in this machine tool exposed. In order to effectively shorten the processing time and cost of the mold, the F870 is equipped with a built-in spindle with a rotating speed of 24 000 rpm. The surface treatment is more refined, and the precision abrasive tool can be formed once without polishing. In addition, the addition of high-precision oblique ball bearings, C2 precision ball screw and German Rexroth guide rail makes F870 machining performance more outstanding, whether in the side milling, face milling level, or in the cutting accuracy and stability have been greatly improved.
In addition to F870, other products brought by de Kai NC also have their own advantages. 1075H white appearance is simple and generous, excellent structural design makes it stable in processing. DK-SG640L adopts 32000rpm high-speed synchronous motorized spindle, HSK-E40 high-speed knife handle and manipulator to change knives. It can optimize the material profile and effectively maintain the shape and accuracy of the model.
After visiting the exhibits, the reporter interviewed the audience randomly, and everyone praised Deckay CNC products. In addition to affirming the processing effect of the machine tool, some old customers are satisfied with the service network of Dekai NC layout throughout the country. When the reporter asked how Dekai CNC established such a good reputation, the relevant staff said that Dekai CNC was founded in 1993, the machine tool industry has a long time of research, insight into customer and market demand, so it can be more targeted to improve products and launch services. At present, in addition to the series of engraving and milling machines, Dekai CNC has introduced a wide range of machine tools, such as high-speed parts processing center, high-rigid die hard rail machine, high-speed gantry machining center, horizontal machining center and so on, to meet the processing needs of different customers.
Two days before the end of the Ningbo exhibition, Dekai CNC will continue to provide quality services to exhibitors in the coming time. Here, Dekai CNC also welcomes people from various industries, purchasers to visit Dekai CNC booth, guidance.

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