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CNC gear hobbing machine

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There is an important branch in the "lush" family of machine tools. They are collectively called gear machines. Automobile, rail transport, construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum, instruments, aircraft and spacecraft and other machinery manufacturing industries are inseparable from the help of gear processing machine tools, gear hobbing machine is the most widely used one. In Ningbo, China, there is an enterprise with 25 years of experience in research and development and production of precision CNC machine tools - Ningbo Dekai CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Dekai CNC). Today we want to introduce the product is the latest self-developed YS3115 CNC six-axis direct-drive dry-wet CNC hobbing machine.
YS3115 CNC six axis direct drive dry wet cutting CNC hobbing machine
The hob used in gear hobbing machine can be roughed by generating method, and the straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone gears and worm gears are machined precisely and productively. YS3115 NC six-axis direct-drive dry-wet cutting NC hobbing machine tool spindle adopts direct-drive motor, spindle speed can reach 3000 revolutions, the worktable uses high-precision reducer transmission, than the traditional hobbing machine in efficiency and accuracy has incomparable advantages. The machine can process various types of cylindrical gears, synchronous pulleys, turbines, drum gears, small bevel gears and other parts, the highest machining accuracy can reach national standard 6. Mainly used in vehicle gears, rail transit gears, precision reducer gears, electric tool gears and other fields.
YS3115 CNC six axis direct drive dry wet cutting CNC hobbing machine part of the parameters
As the saying goes, "good horse is good saddle", good machine tools need not only good hardware but also good software. In order to make YS3115 NC six-axis direct-drive dry-wet cutting NC hobbing machine have more superior processing performance, Deckay NC assembled the German Rexroth NC system for its gear hobbing, and equipped with a graphical human-machine interface dedicated to hobbing, fast and continuous gear alignment function, simple and efficient operation, after several hours of simple training users can operate the machine. Bed.
Equipped with Rexroth CNC system in Germany
Moreover, the CNC machine tool has always been adhering to the meticulous spirit to create. Therefore, S3115 CNC six-axis direct-drive dry-wet cutting CNC hobbing machine adopts German Rexroth high-precision rigid linear guide, electrical components, spindle bearings and other functional components are also equipped with a line of brand products to ensure the accuracy and stability of high-speed machining.
YS3115 NC six axis direct drive dry wet cutting CNC hobbing machine machine part map
Under the new situation of "Made in China 2025", China's manufacturing industry has entered a new stage. Traditional industries are seeking transformation and upgrading, and the speed of intellectualization is accelerating. As the "industrial mother machine" machine tool is also experiencing a technological revolution, technological innovation and high-tech industries as the core of the increasingly fierce competition, in many competitors, want to stand out, we must have a unique strength. For more than 20 years, Dekai CNC has been well aware of the importance of enterprise transformation. Through diligence and active development, Dekai CNC has always had its own place in the complex market competition.
Internally, the company has five departments: R&D, production, management, quality and marketing, to improve the management mechanism and strictly control product quality. In terms of operation and management, Deckay NC adopts the concept of people-oriented implementation of a scientific management system, the appropriate "incentive and restraint" management model, so that the company continues to innovate in technology, and comprehensively enhance the consensus of all members on "comprehensive quality control". In terms of quality control, all the models produced by Deckay NC are independently developed and accurately assembled. The structural parts of the machine tools are high strength inoculated cast iron. The structure adopts double-layer frame design, which has strong rigidity and deformation resistance. Control system and transmission components are selected from internationally renowned brand products, and from the United States to import Doppler dual-frequency laser interferometer, all factory products for precision testing to ensure product quality. The company practices strict quality management, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, comprehensive protection of product quality.
Detection equipment
In recent years, Dekai NC has made great progress in technical innovation, production environment, product quality, human resource management and so on, and has always maintained a high-speed development trend. Dekai CNC is not only a supplier of high quality CNC gear machine tools, but also a good partner to be trusted and supported by customers. In the future, Dekai CNC will continue to adhere to the field of machine tool manufacturing, wholeheartedly provide machine tool users with high precision, high efficiency, high quality CNC machine tools, and continue to promote the development of China's CNC gear industry.
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