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Tool Collision Analysis

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Serious collision of knives can endanger personal safety.
Therefore, from the point of view of maintaining accuracy, it is absolutely not allowed to collide tool with machine tool or workpiece in the use of CNC machine tools. Next, we sum up and analyze the causes of collision.
Common crash situations
Because the CNC machining center is locked by software, when the automatic operation button is pressed, it can not be seen whether the machine tool is locked intuitively in the simulation interface. In simulation, there is no tool setting. If the machine is not locked, it is easy to hit the knife. So before the simulation processing, we should confirm whether the machine is locked or not.
Forget to turn off the empty running switch when machining. In the process of program simulation, the idle operation switch is often opened to save time. Empty operation refers to the movement of all moving axes of machine tools at G00 speed. If the switch is not turned off in machining time and space, the machine tool ignores the given feed speed, and runs at the speed of G00, resulting in knife cutting and machine collision accidents.
After the simulation of air operation, no reference points were returned. When the machine tool is locked in the checking program, and the tool relative to the workpiece in the simulation operation (absolute coordinates and relative coordinates are changing), then the coordinates do not match the actual position, we must use the method of returning to the reference point to ensure that the mechanical zero coordinates and absolute, relative coordinates consistent. If the problem is not found after checking the program, the machining operation will result in the collision of the tool. The direction of the trip is not in the right direction.
When the machine tool is out of range, it should press and hold the out-of-range release button and move in the opposite direction manually or manually to eliminate it. However, if the direction of release is reversed, it will cause damage to the machine tool. Because the over-trip protection of the machine tool will not work when the over-trip is relieved by pressing, the over-trip switch of the over-trip protection is already at the end of the trip. At this point it is possible to cause the workbench to continue to move in the direction of overhead, Zui eventually pulled the lead screw, resulting in machine tool damage. The specified row time is not properly located. When a specified row is running, it often starts down from the cursor position.
For a lathe, the tool offset value of the tool used needs to be invoked. If the tool is not invoked, the tool running in the program section may not be the desired tool, and the tool collision accident may be caused by the different tool. Of course in the machining center, CNC milling machine must first call the coordinate system such as G54 and the cutter length compensation value. Because each knife's length compensation value is different, if not invoked, it may cause collision knife.
Nine reasons for induction
Programming error
The process arrangement is wrong, the process acceptance relationship is not well considered and the parameter setting is wrong. For example:
The coordinates are set to zero, but the top is 0.
The safety height is too low, so that the tool can not be fully lifted out of the workpiece.
The two opening margin is less than the previous one.
After the program is written, the path of the program should be analyzed and checked.
(2) errors in program memo remarks
The number of single sided collision is divided into four sides.
The clamping distance of the vise or the projecting distance of the workpiece is marked wrong.
When the cutter length is not specified or wrong, the cutter will be hit.
Procedures should be as detailed as possible.
In order to change the program, we should adopt the principle of replacing the old with old ones.
Error of tool measurement
The tool input is not considered in the data input.
Cutting tool is too short.
Tool measurement should use scientific methods and use more accurate instruments as far as possible.
The length of the knife is 2-5mm longer than the actual depth.
Error of program transmission
Program number call error or program modification, but still processed by old program.
Field processors must check the detailed data of the process before processing.
For example, the time and date of the program is simulated by the bear family.
Error of selecting a knife
Sudden power failure, lightning strikes, etc.
Blank exceeds expectation
Excessive blanks are not consistent with the program blank.
Workpiece material itself is defective or too high in hardness.
Sudden power failure, lightning strikes, etc.
The clamping factor.
Interference of cushion blocks but not considered in procedure
Machine tool failure
Sudden power failure, lightning strikes, etc.
CNC machining center CNC machine tool as a high-precision machine tool, anti-collision is very necessary, requiring the operator to develop a serious, careful and prudent habit, according to the correct way to operate the machine tool, reduce the occurrence of machine tool collision. With the development of technology, cutting tool damage detection, machine anti-collision detection, machine adaptive processing and other advanced technology, which can better protect the CNC machine tools.

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